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Waxperts Wax

“For years we switched and changed wax brands and struggled to find a product that all of our therapists were confident with and that the clients were also happy with.
The Waxperts training gave our waxing skills consistency, ensuring that all of our treatments are carried out the ‘Waxperts’ way.”

Nu Essence, Co.Dublin

Waxperts Wax

“The best thing I’ve ever introduced into my salon! All my clients love it and my clientele has increased dramatically. LOVE!”

Bespoke Beauty, Magherafelt.

Waxperts Wax

“Using Waxperts has definitely increased our revenue. The brand is so well known as a great wax, clients will look it up and come to our salon just because we have it.”

Vanity Rooms, Co.Dublin


Original Hot Wax 1KG

  • Lavender based

  • Lower temperature

  • Less heat, less redness

  • Ultra flexible

  • No cracking/breaking

  • 8/10 brazilians per kg

  • Buy 10 get 1 free

Rosie Pearl Hot Wax 1KG

  • Waxperts thinnest hybrid hot wax

  • Sets instantly

  • For experienced waxers for use on regular clients

  • Ultra flexible

  • Reduced treatment time

  • 12-14 brazilians per kg

  • Buy 10 get 1 free

First Mate Hot Wax 1kg

  • Waxperts First Male Hot Wax

  • Perfect for facial, back, chest and intimate waxing

  • Applies thin, remains strong

  • Ultra flexible

  • For thick, coarse hair

  • 16/18 back/chest waxes per kg

Original Strip Wax 800ML

  • Lavender based - soothing , calming

  • Gentle on your clients skin

  • Thin application

  • No sticky residue

  • Removed with waxperts wax strips

  • Buy 10 get 1 free

Rosie Pearl Wax 800ML

  • Super thin application

  • For experienced waxers

  • Use on regular waxing clients with finer/lighter hair growth

  • No sticky residue

  • Removed with waxperts wax strips

  • Buy 10 get 1 free

First Mate Strip Wax 800ml

  • Waxperts First Male Strip Wax

  • Perfect for back, chest and leg waxing

  • Applies thin

  • Super strong grip for tough hair

Waxperts Cleanser

  • Cleanser packed with essential oils

  • Preps and conditions the skin before any wax treatment

  • Gentle enough to use on sensitive areas

Waxperts Pre-Wax Oil

  • Essential for painfree waxing

  • Preps skin for hot wax application and easy removal

  • Prevents skin lifting and bruising

Waxperts After-Wax Oil

  • A body oil to treat and soothe skin

  • Infused with lavender and chamomile essential oils

  • Easily absorbed and leaves skin with a silky, smooth finish

Waxperts Wonder Pads

  • Multi  tasking retail product

  • Prevents and treats ingrown hairs

  • Keeps skin smooth and blemish free

  • Pack of 6

Out of stock

Waxperts Beautiful Body Oil

  • Heavenly lavender based body oil

  • Suitable for after waxing or shaving

  • Easily absorbed

  • Pack of 6

Waxperts Original Lavender Candle – ‘Esscentially Yours, from Waxperts’ (4 Pack)

  • 220g candle.

  • Contains pure Lavender Essential Oil.

  • Burn time of approximately 45 hours.

  • Helps to de-stress and unwind.

  • Experience the classic lavender scent synonymous with each and every  relaxing Waxperts experience.

  • RRP: €30

Waxperts Apron

  • 3 pocket, short bib apron

  • Length 62cm, width 60cm

  • Embroidered Waxperts logo

  • Size: one size

  • Fabric: 65% polyester, 35% cotton twill

  • Care: 40c wash

Waxperts Waxing Strips

  • Blended cotton & paper waxing strips

  • Perfect for use with Waxperts strip wax

  • Pack of 10

Out of stock

Waxperts Waxing Strips (Bulk Buy Offer)

  • Blended cotton & paper waxing strips

  • Perfect for use with Waxperts strip wax

  • Pack of 50

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