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Waxperts Wax

“For years we switched and changed wax brands and struggled to find a product that all of our therapists were confident with and that the clients were also happy with.
The Waxperts training gave our waxing skills consistency, ensuring that all of our treatments are carried out the ‘Waxperts’ way.”

Nu Essence, Co.Dublin

Waxperts Wax

“The best thing I’ve ever introduced into my salon! All my clients love it and my clientele has increased dramatically. LOVE!”

Bespoke Beauty, Magherafelt.

Waxperts Wax

“Using Waxperts has definitely increased our revenue. The brand is so well known as a great wax, clients will look it up and come to our salon just because we have it.”

Vanity Rooms, Co.Dublin